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Adding / Changing your E-mail Signature In Outlook 2016-2019
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Create or Edit an E-mail Signature in Outlook


Follow these six simple steps to create an e-mail signature in any version of Microsoft Outlook, 2010 and higher.


  1. The quickest way to edit an outlook email signature is from inside a new email.  So first, open a new email message.
    1. If you have access to more than one email address through Outlook, make sure that you select the appropriate “From” before taking the next step. (See Red Box In Pic Below)


  1. Click the [Signature] button in the top menu and then select “Signatures” from the drop down menu.



  1. In the Menu that pops up, Click New and enter a name for your new signature.


  1. Type your new signature in the “Edit signature” box and then click save
  2. Select when to use your signature on the right side of the box. (See Blue Arrow Above)
  3. Click OK
  4. PLEASE NOTE:  The Purple Highlighted Business Card Button… You may choose to click that instead of typing in your Signature Information.  If you do, it will add a business card, (See Below), from a contact that you have stored in Outlook.




Congratulations!  Once completed, Depending on your selections in step 5, your signature will automatically populate with each new email or reply that you send.



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